Check out this BLOG where Chalet Réa mentions my ICT workshop with ETFO Elementary Teachers Federation. 
Quoted: "Two weeks ago I was at the ETFO ICT conference in Toronto. I learned so much! By the end of it I was ready to jump into using tech more in my classroom. The presenters were fantastic! The amazing Natasha Feghali (@NEFeghali) gave a fantastic workshop on using Twitter, Skype and blogging in the classroom."

Thanks @Madamerea !!!

The HRT Glas Hrvatske Televizija interview with myself in regards TO TEACHING, CULTURE AND HERITAGE..

My interview with Glas Hrvatske and Silvija Bionda (Split) and Domago Fetencic (Zagreb). What a great opportunity to share my Croatian Heritage on HRT Hervatska Radiotelevizija. 

The official interview with Glas Hrvatske and Silvija Bionda (Split) and Domago Fetencic (Zagreb). What a great opportunity to share my Croatian Heritage on HRT Hervatska Radiotelevizija!

The HRT Glas Hrvatske Televizija interview with me and Silvija Bionda on being a Croatian in Canada!

LISTEN HERE: http://glashrvatske.hrt.hr/…/hrvatima-izvan-domovine-3-sat…/


ICT Conference in Toronto, Ontario with ETFO Provincial

Presenting at the ICT Conference in Toronto at The ETFO Provincial Office.

Great morning presenting at the ICT Conference 2014 for the ETFO Provincial Office

My generous gift from the ETFO
The PowerPoint Presentation


For the educators! Thank you for coming!

OMLTA FALL/WINTER 2014 Article...

Woohoo! My article is out in the OMLTA "Communications" Teachers Magazine. 

Pedagogical documentation in FSL is the theme of my article.

Latest article published in The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research


My research focuses on student language acquisition in a second language (ex: French etc..)

LINK: http://www.teacherresearch.ca/editions/


Halloween en toute sécurité...

JOYEUX HALLOWEEN!! That's right! Our FSL c;ass is TRICK or TREATING... safely that is!

Check out my FSL class and myself on the radio show Matins sans frontières WITH THE SRC/CBEF where we talk about our collaboration with The Safety Village, Windsor, Ontario.

Matins sans frontières : Halloween en toute sécurité (L'Audio fil du vendredi 31 octobre 2014)



Parliamentary Protocol Program for Educators in Ontario

Teacher Leaders from across the province of Ontario at the Parliamentary Protocol Teachers Forum at The Legislative Assembly of Ontario — at Parliament Building, Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Our SKYPE call with Detroit Public School - FLICS

Our SKYPE call with Detroit Public School FLICS. Learning together, sharing our love of the French Language and creating a collaborative learning environment.

Type of Lesson: French Skype Call with Detroit Public School FLICS
Focus: Oral Communication in French Second Language
Grade level: 5/6 junior class
Words and vocabulary: French salutations and introductions
Level: Basic

Goals: The FSL students will be able to identify common French salutation and introductions with another class from Detroit, Michigan. The students will engage in a SKYPE call that is 30 minutes in duration with 8 speakers from each class.