Latest article with Danish Teachers Magazine Folkeskolen

Check out my 2nd collaborative article for Danish Teachers Magazine Folkeskolen (2nd part to our series) with Superintendent John Howitt in regards to Social Media and 21st Century communication for Millennials.

LINK: http://www.folkeskolen.dk/561052/the-message-is-sent-now-what


My presentation at the University of Windsor for FSL Teacher Candidate's!

Presented at the University of Windsor Faculty of Education this evening. 

Thank you for having me as a guest speaker for the French Teacher Candidates! 


Check out OMLTA's Communication for my latest article..

Thanks OMLTA for having as a BOD! It was a pleasure...

Also check out "Communication" our quarterly which features one of my articles..


Mindsets in the Classroom! I hosted a book talk like no other..

Co-hosted a book talk this evening with a great team! "Mindset in the Classroom".

Thank you to the brilliant presenters, participants and all who came out and your generous help! 


Le Grand Paris Party in grade 4 FSL!

It was our party! Bienvenue...

Had a great evening with the Director of Education GECDSB Ms. Erin Kelly. 

Thank you so much for coming and the students loved Le Grand Paris Party..
     With Director Kelly 


Candidate for the OCT College Council .. A local voice that will make all the difference!


This year the Ontario College of Teachers will be holding their College Council Elections from March 2 to April 7 2015.

I encourage you to check out my Council BLOG at www. OCT.ca where you can share and ask questions in regards to what the OCT and ithe OCT Council will do for you.

Since 2003, the College has been conducting elections electronically. That continues. As a College member in good standing as of 5 p.m. on February 25, 2015, you will be eligible to vote electronically beginning on March 2, 2015, via a ballot in the Members’ section of our website. You will be presented with all positions for which you can vote — with your own region first.

Or you may also check out the VOTER FORUM where the candidates share their opinions on policy, protocol and the future mandate of the OCT. While you are their please stop by candidate blog and leave me a few words!

I have attached my candidacy at OCT: https://www.oct.ca/about-the-college/council-election-2015/candidates/525235

LINK to my BLOG: https://apps.oct.ca/biographies/blog/blogdefault.aspx?CRegID=525235
LINK to voter forum: https://apps.oct.ca/biographies/blog/forumdefault.aspx

I look forward to your continued support. A local voice that will make all the difference!

Natasha E. Feghali


Projet Skype, en FSL, Windsor-Detroit

Please check out my interview with CBEF/SRC in regards to my ICT/ SKYPE Collaboration with Mrs Brenda Ryan at Detroit Public School FLICS and my FSL Classroom. 

This is a cross-border connection to improve our student achievement in a second language. 

TITLE: Matins sans frontières : Projet Skype, en FSL, Windsor-Detroit

LINK: http://www.radio-canada.ca/util/postier/suggerer-go.asp?nID=1242383


A wonderful mention from my workshop with ETFO on Technology in the Classroom!

Check out this BLOG where Chalet Réa mentions my ICT workshop with ETFO Elementary Teachers Federation. 
Quoted: "Two weeks ago I was at the ETFO ICT conference in Toronto. I learned so much! By the end of it I was ready to jump into using tech more in my classroom. The presenters were fantastic! The amazing Natasha Feghali (@NEFeghali) gave a fantastic workshop on using Twitter, Skype and blogging in the classroom."

Thanks @Madamerea !!!