Inquiry based learning in FSL..

In my FSL class we are working on Inquiry Based Learning. My students and I created inquiry based questions and a success criteria to answer these questions. Inquiry based learning in FSL starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios -- rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge. 

Students will identify and research issues and questions to develop their knowledge or solutions. Inquiry-based learning includes problem-based learning, and is generally used in small scale investigations and projects. 

The National Science Education Standards (NSES) (1996) outlines six important aspects pivotal to inquiry learning in science education.
1. Students should be able to recognize that science is more than memorizing and knowing facts.
2. Students should have the opportunity to develop new knowledge that builds on their prior knowledge and scientific ideas.
3. Students will develop new knowledge by restructuring their previous understandings of scientific concepts and adding new information learned.
4. Learning is influenced by students’ social environment whereby they have an opportunity to learn from each other
5. Students will take control of their learning .
6. The extent to which students are able to learn with deep understanding will influence how transferable their new knowledge is to real life contexts.


My article in Languages Magazine, USA

Check out my newest article in Language Magazine USAcultivating the quality that makes us human.

It highlights cultivating an attitude of leadership in schools and students.

Link: http://languagemagazine.com/?page_id=31998#.Uy_5XQrbfZI.facebook


Teaching French as a Second Language for the pedagogical magazine UKED, United Kingdom

Check out my article on TEACHING FRENCH as a SECOND LANGUAGE for the UKED on page 18 at the link below. 

The pedagogical magazine is created in United Kingdom and can be found at UKED Magazine, UK. 



Immigration Forum 2014..

What a pleasure to have my FSL class represented at the Immigration Forum 2014! 

Thank you again Debra and Rachel. 

Thank you so much to the Immigration Forum for taking interest in my class! 

What a beautiful day!


A method like no other has AIM-ed a warm welcome!

Check out my article in the Fall 2013 CASLT Réflexions issue about using AIM Learning Language in your FSL classroom!


Educational Leaders For Tomorrow recipients..

With my colleague Debbi Chen from Toronto Ontario.

We are at the Educational Leaders For Tomorrow Training with the ETFO Provincial Office in Toronto Ontario.

We are both 2014 recipients.


My published article "Leadership in the FSL" in the Canadian Journal for Teacher Research

Check out my article on Leadership in the FSL classroom. 

I have recently been asked by Dr Jim Parsons at the University of Alberta to explain my classroom environment.

My article can be found in The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research / Teachers Leading Transformations for The University of Alberta's Educational Department. 

Here is the link:



My article in the Danish Teacher's Magazine "Folkeskolen"

Recently I have been published in the Danish teacher's magazine "Folkeskolen".  

My article titled "Fremmedsprogsundervisning i en mangfoldig klasse" describe's how I teach a second language (French) to middle school/junior students.